Russian Banana Russian Banana Fingerling
This is the most well known of all of the fingerling varieties. This variety sports a skin that is tan colored, waxy and smooth. This beloved potato has a fluffy yellowish flesh with a nutty/buttery flavor.
Ruby Crescent Ruby Crescent Fingerling
This beloved variety offers a slightly more knobby look than the Russian Banana. Its pinkish/tan skin conceals a firm, waxy yellowish flesh.
French French Fingerling
More round than many fingerlings, this variety's smooth and shiny pink/red skin covers a drier, fluffier yellow flesh with streaks of reddish pink. It offers a creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor.
Red Thumb Red Thumb Fingerling
The skin of this smooth, brightly colored pink/red fingerling conceals a fluffy, yellowish flesh with pink undertones. A fine tasting member of our family of products.
Purple Purple Fingerling
An heirloom variety native to the Andes, this knobby skinned beauty has a dry and waxy texture and a nutty earthy flavor. It has a very "earthy" flavor and its purple flesh retains its color even after cooking.
Rocky Rocky Rose Fingerling
This wonderful new fingerling is a proprietary variety available only through Specialty Potato Alliance. Its smooth pinkish skin and fluffy yellow flesh.
Red Rebel Red Rebel Fingerling
Another proprietary fingerling potato variety available only through SPA. A wine colored skin gives way to a pale yellow flesh with mottled pink/red streaks. Its' flesh is fluffy and its flavor is slightly nutty.


A group of passionate American farmers have chosen to work together and share their best products with customers who search for the highest quality available. You are seeing the results of this farming collaboration. Pictured above are beautiful fingerling potatoes grown in limited quantities and packaged for connoisseurs of concentrated flavor.


Each fingerling potato has unique characteristics: Russian Banana Fingerlings are a full-flavored buttery potato; French fingerlings are moist and streaked with red and have a dense consistency; the Ruby Crescent has rich yellow flesh and a rouge outer skin; the Purple potatoes are flavorful with a light texture, though their brilliant blue color usually fades slightly when cooked.


Fingerling potatoes are easy to eat and enjoy! They cook quickly and can be roasted, steamed, boiled, fried and sautéed. They taste wonderful when served warm and can be mashed, sliced or made into salads. The fingerling potatoes from the fields of these farmers have a memorable flavor that will have your family and friends begging for more!


These delicious hand-selected fingerlings are produced with care and given the attention that only small farms can provide. The rich soil in multiple states assures the year-round availability of these little beauties so food-lovers can always eat their favorite potatoes.


The farmers who grow fingerlings for Specialty Potato Alliance eat and enjoy the food that they grow; they take great pride in being able to share it with you and your family. These potatoes are grown by farmers who care about what they grow and what they share with both their families and their customers.


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